Livescore Bet Ireland: A Review for 2023

Livescore Bet is a well-known Irish online bookmaker that provides a selection of sports betting markets choices and real-time score updates. Here is a thorough evaluation of Livescore Bet based on my opinions in case you’re thinking about utilizing it for your online betting requirements via our betting site in Ireland.

Livescore Bet

Livescore Bet Overview

Football betting on the Premier League and other leagues, tennis betting markets, basketball, horse racing betting, and other sports betting markets are all available for wagering on the online sportsbook Livescore Bet. The operator operates in accordance with regional rules and regulations since it is authorized and governed by the Irish government. In addition, the site makes use of firewalls and SSL encryption to safeguard users’ money and personal information. Something I would see as a positive when reviewing.

User Experience of Livescore Bet

My experience suggests that the website for Livescore Bet is created with a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it simple to use. Users may make wagers and see live scores while on the go because to the site’s rapid loading times and mobile optimization. The website offers consumers a number of practical features, such as live betting choices to place bets, in-play betting markets, and a wide range of pre-match markets. Always remember to bet responsibly.

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Betting Options

Pre-match and in-play betting are only two of the many sports betting market options available at the site. From basketball and horse racing to football and tennis, the platform provides a wide variety of sports. A wide range of markets are available for users to wager on, including match results, total goals, handicaps, and more. For some sporting events, Livescore Bet also provides live bet streaming, giving customers a more engaging betting experience in my opinion.

Payment Methods

Payment options accepted by the site include credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill. Also, the website provides dependable and secure payment processing, guaranteeing the security of customers’ financial data. Most deposits and withdrawals are processed fast, taking only a few hours in most cases.

Customer Supports

Livescore Bet has a specialized support team available via live chat, email, and phone, and they offer top-notch customer service. Users may easily get solutions to frequent inquiries and problems thanks to the website’s comprehensive FAQ section and help center. The support staff is available 24/7 to make sure consumers may obtain assistance whenever they need it. Something I enjoyed when doing my review.

Promotion and Bonuses on Livescore Bet

To entice new users and reward loyal patrons, Livescore Bet provides a variety of promos and incentives. New customers are given a welcome bonus by the operator, which often consists of a free bet or a bonus that matches their initial deposit. These free bets are often of notable interest to those looking to enjoy horse racing or Premier League Football. They also offer free spins offers from time to time. Livescore wager further provides customers with extra value and incentives to wager with the site by running continuous promotions like increased odds and accumulator bonuses. Something, in my opinion is a positive.

What you Need to Know About Squads – Free to Play at LiveScore Bet

Squads (which is free to play) is one one the the site’s team’s favorites for two main reasons:

  • It takes almost no effort
  • The prizes are in cash – rather than the usual freebiebets.

Online sportsbook games generally require that the player have some predictive ability, but this is not the case with Squads. All that the player needs to do is log on each day for five days before the big match. Each day a new player will be revealed.

The great thing about playing this game is that you will be awarded £20 in cold, hard cash each time a member of your squad scores. It’s that simple – but if you need more information, then consult the how-to guide which has more detail.

There’s something so alluring about a promo that costs absolutely nothing to enter – and holds the promise of a fistful of cash. Sound interesting? Let’s take a closer look.

How to Play Squads from LiveScore Bet

Getting started is as simple as logging into your LIveScore Bet account every weekday. Once you have logged in then navigate to the Squads page, which you’ll find in the ‘Free to Play’ section of the site (on the ‘promotions’ screen). Each day you log in a new player will be revealed. The following player windows apply:

  • Player One – Monday 2pm – Tuesday 2pm
  • Player Two – Tuesday 2pm – Wednesday 2pm
  • Player Three – Wednesday 2pm – Thursday 2pm
  • Player Four – Thursday 2pm – Friday 2pm
  • Player Five – Friday 2pm – Saturday 2pm

When you click on the ‘Reveal’ button the name of the player for that day will appear. Information on their position, club, and position, as well as information on the applicable weekend fixture. If you log in each day you will avoid missing that window – and be limited in the number of players available for your Squad.

The most exciting day of the week is Friday when you are playing Squads. The end of the working week is when the exact amount you can win for each goal scored by a talented member of your revealed Squad. Once your fifth and last player is revealed, you will be transported to the Prize wheel. In this feature, you will spin to reveal the cash amount you will be eligible for if one of your Squad scores. The prizes range from the small (10p) all the way up to the coveted £50 per goal.

Once you know all your five players – and the amount of cash you stand to win – you can sit back and relax, your tasks for the week have been completed. Relax and let your Squad do the work as they send the ball into the back of the net. But if you do not get your expected reward, worry not – you can always start again on Monday next week.

I found this to be a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it in my own experience.

In a nutshell – what is LiveScore Bet?

The LiveScore Bet site is where you will find Squads. You can win cash prizes simply by participating in each round of the game if your players can reach the back of the net in their upcoming live bet fixtures.

This promotion is one that is both exciting and will motivate return visits from football betting fans of the Premier League, again and again.

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I would say from my review that the site is a popular and trustworthy online bookmaker in Ireland that provides an easy-to-use platform, a variety of betting choices, and top-notch customer service. Livescore Bet is one of the best options for Irish online betting because to its focus on security, regulation, and user experience. The website provides a number of practical features, including as live betting choices, in-play betting, and a wide range of pre-match markets. In order to improve consumers’ betting experiences, the site additionally provides a selection of payment options, dependable customer service, and a number of promos and incentives.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to reveal all five players in order to take part and stand the chance of a cash prize?

No – each and every player that you reveal will qualify as a member of your live bet squad. You can watch the big match and enjoy the possibility of goals scored by one, two, three, four or five players. It stands to reason that if you are diligent and select five players your chances of winning are much higher.

If I forget to reveal that fifth player, how do I find out how much I stand to win for each goal?

Finding out is as simple as navigating to the ‘Squads’ page. Once you land on the page you will see all the info you need, including your revealed players – and the prize per goal that you can stand to win.

My Squad has no strikers – why is that?

The players that you land up with have been randomly selected from a pool of men at the back, midfielders, and thsoe invaluable strikers. If your Squad is heavy on Harry Maguire’s and light on Harry Kane’s – well, that’s just the whim of Lady Luck.

What happens if my players cannot play – will they be replaced?

Sadly they won’t. The team at LiveScore Bet makes every effort to ensure that the players that you have selected are expected to take to the field on the weekend. But sometimes there are late injuries, or management decides to substitute a player – it’s impossible to predict these sorts of things. If your player isn’t present on match day – again, that’s simply bad luck.

If I do win, how will I be paid?

Your winnings will be processed automatically and will be added to the appropriate account(s) within three hours of the game ending.

Do I have to bet with my winnings, or can I withdraw those funds?

Your winnings are cash and that cash is yours to do with as you will. You can choose to place further bets – or withdraw the funds.

If I develop a liking for my Squad can I keep them for the next week’s game?

It would be wonderful to carry a team made up of strikers and talented midfielders through to the next round of the game, but unfortunately, that’s not how Squads works. You start off the new week with a blank slate. You’ll need to log in Monday through to Friday to reveal that full Squad of five.


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