Irish Racecourses

Irish horse racing is woven into the fabric of Irish society and culture. Enjoying the spectacle of the races held in the country is simply one that will not be forgotten.

The country has numerous racecourses where the spectacle can be enjoyed. In The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the choice is impressive.

2023 Looks set to be an exciting year. There are 391 race meets scheduled, at the last count. Each of these meetings is an opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement and special atmosphere that can only be experienced in Ireland. With the calendar season running from the 1st of January 2023 through to the 31st of December 2023, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy a day out at the Irish races.

If you are at the track regularly or are simply in search of a great day out, then a day at the Irish horse races will not only meet your expectations – it will exceed them.

All the racecourses in Ireland appear in this section. There’s plenty of information. Each racecourse has a full page that provides course details, and a calendar of the major races and meetings. You will also find information on ticket prices – and options for dining at the course.


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