Golf Betting Sites and Odds 2023

Golf history traces its origins back to Scotland during the mid-1400s. It was originally formed as a gentlemen’s sport. And it was played with a ball and metal club. Golfers play between 9 to 18 holes of sand traps, rivers, sand traps, and putting greens. So, golf is the perfect game to bet on.

The average golfer is happy to just make it around the course. Professional golfers, on the other hand, travel the world to compete in the most gruesome conditions. They are dedicated to golf. This is because they want to win trophies.

Professional golfers compete with each other for prizes. That is why golf betting is a profitable betting market.

What Golf Tournaments Can You Bet On?

The highlight for most players is the two main golf tournaments. In addition, the Open Championship, US Open, PGA Championship, and the Masters have the most attractive prizes. Golfers from across the world compete to create their legacy and lift the trophy. Only the best players get the chance to compete in golf tours.

We delve into the top five golf tournaments globally, each boasting its own rich history, iconic moments, and a gathering of the world’s greatest golfers.

The Masters Tournament:

The Masters Tournament, held annually in early April at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, is widely regarded as golf’s most prestigious event. Established in 1934, this invitational tournament offers a captivating blend of tradition and grandeur. The meticulously manicured course, famous azaleas, and the iconic Green Jacket awarded to the champion make it a sight to behold. The Masters’ storied history includes legendary moments like Jack Nicklaus’ astonishing sixth victory in 1986 and Tiger Woods’ emotional comeback win in 2019.

The US Open:

The US Open is the second oldest of golf’s major championships and is known for its challenging courses and demanding setups. Organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA), the US Open tests players’ skills to the limit. The rotation of venues across the United States for the US Open adds to the allure. The tournament’s iconic moments include Jack Nicklaus’ playoff victory against Arnold Palmer in 1962 and Tiger Woods’ unforgettable victory on a broken leg in 2008 at Torrey Pines.

The Open Championship:

Dating back to 1860, The Open Championship, often referred to as the British Open, holds the distinction of being the oldest major golf championship. It showcases the rich history of golf and is played on historic links courses in the United Kingdom. The ever-changing weather conditions and treacherous bunkers add an element of unpredictability. Iconic moments include Tom Watson’s “Duel in the Sun” with Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry in 1977 and the emotional victory of Jean van de Velde at Carnoustie in 1999.

PGA Championship:

As one of golf’s four major championships, the PGA Tour Championship stands out for its strong field and exciting finishes. Organized by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA of America), this tournament has seen remarkable performances over the years. The tournament’s flexible rotation of venues across the United States ensures diversity in course styles. Historic moments include Jack Nicklaus’ epic battle with Bob Goalby in 1971 and Tiger Woods’ “Tiger Slam” victory in 2000, holding all four majors simultaneously.

Ryder Cup:

The Ryder Cup transcends individual play and brings the excitement of team competition to the forefront. Held every two years, alternating between Europe and the United States, this biennial event showcases the best golfers from both sides of the Atlantic. The team dynamics, passionate crowds, and intense matches make it a truly unique spectacle. Iconic moments include the “Miracle at Medinah” in 2012 when Europe staged a remarkable comeback to win and the unforgettable “Battle of Brookline” in 1999.

How to Place Golf Bets

Figuring out what sort of golf bet to put on probably requires you to look at the latest golf betting news and life golf betting odds for the top golf tournaments at that point in time. Golf betting is complex and live golf odds tend to fluctuate a lot – however, here are some of the most popular types of golf bets.


Golf is an unpredictable sport. It is challenging to perfect the art of golf. In fact, many professional golfers struggle to perfect the art of golf. Mental concentration, fatigue, pressure, wind, and other factors may influence a golf game. It takes time and lots of effort to perfect a golf game and anything can go wrong, meaning golf betting odds can be long and pay off.

Outright Winner Bet

Selecting an outright winner for the golf tournament is the most popular bet in the betting market. If you want to bet on an outright winner, you will just select a player who you think will win the golf game or the whole tournament.

It is wise to check the recent form of the player and the player’s history on the course player before you select any player. Why? Golfers perform best on some courses.

It is also crucial to check the weather conditions before you choose an outright winner. This is because some players perform better in some weather conditions. For instance, one golfer may perform better in windy conditions and another golfer may perform poorly in hot weather conditions.

An each-way bet is an alternative to an outright winner. If you decide to choose an each-way bet, you will just choose a golfer to finish in the top three. This bet is very popular. This is because the payout is very attractive. Remember, each-way bet is two separate bets. Many people mistake it for a single bet.

Each-Way Bet

As mentioned above, each-way bet is available in golf betting. Each-way bet is more popular during tournaments. If you want to bet on a tournament, you may want to choose an each-way bet.

In fact, most bookmakers offer returns for golfers finishing up to 6th place. However, some sports betting sites offer an each-way bet for the top two finishers. It is, therefore, very important to read and understand the rules of your golf betting site before you place your each-way bet.

An each-way bet is available for an outright winner and niche markets, including top after every round, which Nationality finishes the highest, which player scores the most birdies/eagles, and many more.

It is profitable to place an each-way, especially if you want to bet before a tournament or on short notice. Why? Because golf game is predictable and many factors affect the outcome of the game.

It is, however, not easy to predict an outright winner. If you want to make more money, you may have to bet on niche markets. For example, you can bet on which Nationality to finish in the top positions and which golfer to finish top of every game.

You are more likely to win big if you bet on niche markets.

Tournament Winner Bet

Tournament winner bets our outright win bets are more popular in the main events, such as U.S. Open and PGA Championship. Sports betting sites, like PaddyPower, allow golf bettors to choose up to five golfers who they think will win the tournament. If you want to back a couple of underdogs and a few of your favorites, you can select a tournament winner bet.

In addition, the tournament betting market of some sports betting websites is based on which players golf betters think may make the cut. Golf bettors use this betting marketing on day-long tournaments, like the U.S. Open. Underperforming golfers will drop out after a few days. The remaining golfers will compete for the remaining two days. This betting marketing is getting more popular. This is because of the variety it offers and the expanded selection.

Many golf bettors avoid outright tournament winners, even though it is the main choice of tournament bet. Why? The golf odds of the outright tournament winners usually favor the favorites of the golf betting markets and the odds on favourites for the golf tournament.

However, the golf odds of the underdogs are as high as 45/1. If you have spare cash to spend on betting, you can place a bet on the underdogs – especially via each way betting. You may get a massive payout.

Golf Betting Strategy

If you want to make money betting on golf, then you will need to develop a golf betting strategy to ensure you’ve the best golf betting tips for the popular golf betting markets. Do not rush to place a bet. Do some research before placing your bet. You will need to check the previous form of the golfer, the conditions the golfer plays well in, and whether or not the golfer performs well at the course that they will play at for the entire day.

If you want to place tournament bets or bet on multiple niches, you must do more research. For instance, if you want to bet on the golfers who you think may make the cut for the U.S. Open, you will need to research the recent history of every player, the play style of every player, and how every player has previously performed at this tournament.

You will need to mix things up when creating your golf betting strategy. Do not just bet on outright winners. You can place Nationality bets, tournament bets, and bet on individual niches. If you mix things up, you increase your chances of your golf betting tips winning big. For example, if you place some money on underdogs, you may win more money.

Do not, however, place one big bet. It is not advisable to put all of your money on one single bet. It is best to place many small bets to reduce your risk.

Greatest Golfers of All Time – Jack Nicklaus to Phil Mickleson – 6 to Take a Punt On

Golf has witnessed an array of exceptional talents throughout its storied history. From record-breaking victories to unrelenting dominance, these golfers have left an indelible mark on the sport. In this article, we pay homage to the top five golfers of all time, examining their remarkable achievements, major victories, and the lasting impact they have had on the game.

Jack Nicklaus:

Jack Nicklaus, widely known as the “Golden Bear,” is hailed as one of golf’s greatest icons. With an astounding 18 major championships, Nicklaus holds the record for the most major victories in golf history. His impressive resume includes six Masters titles, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens, and three Open Championships. Nicklaus’ unrivaled consistency and mental toughness propelled him to greatness, and his fierce rivalry with Arnold Palmer became the stuff of legends in golf betting circles.

Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods, a name synonymous with golfing greatness, redefined the sport during his prime. With 15 major championships to his name, Woods’ skill, power, and unwavering determination captivated fans worldwide. His remarkable run includes four Masters victories, three U.S. Opens, three Open Championships, and four PGA Championships. Woods’ dominance throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, coupled with his thrilling comebacks, cemented his status as one of golf’s all-time legends.

Ben Hogan:

Ben Hogan’s impact on the game is etched in golfing lore. Despite a near-fatal car accident, Hogan fought back to become one of the most technically sound and precise golfers in history. His nine major championships, including four U.S. Opens, two Masters titles, and one Open Championship, showcase his mastery of the game. Hogan’s unmatched ball-striking ability and unwavering dedication to practice and perfection made him a revered figure in the golfing world.

Phil Mickleson

Phil Mickelson, often referred to as “Lefty,” has carved his own path of success in the world of golf. With five major championships to his credit, including three Masters titles, one PGA Championship, and one Open Championship, Mickelson has established himself as one of the game’s most accomplished players. Known for his audacious shot-making ability and fearless approach, Mickelson has delighted fans with his exciting and unpredictable style of play. His memorable victories, including his triumph at the 2021 PGA Championship at the age of 50, make him a revered figure in golfing history and one always worth placing a golf bet on.

Bobby Jones:

Bobby Jones, an amateur golfer in the early 20th century, left an indelible legacy that transcends his brief professional career. Jones captured 13 major championships, including seven U.S. Amateur titles and four U.S. Opens. His most notable feat came in 1930 when he achieved the “Grand Slam” by winning the U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, British Open, and British Amateur in the same year. Jones’ gentlemanly demeanor and contributions to the game, including the creation of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, solidify his place among golf’s elite.

Arnold Palmer:

Arnold Palmer, fondly known as “The King,” brought charisma and a dynamic playing style to the world of golf. His swashbuckling approach, combined with his magnetic personality, helped popularize the sport and make it accessible to a broader audience. Palmer amassed seven major championships, including four Masters titles and two Open Championships. His rivalry with Jack Nicklaus captivated fans and shaped the game, establishing Palmer as a true legend and ambassador for golf.


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