Top 10 Greatest All-Ireland Hurling Matches of All Time

The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship has a long and storied history, with some of Irish sport’s most thrilling and unforgettable moments . From last-gasp victories to high-scoring thrillers, these matches have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of hurling fans. This article will celebrate the top 10 greatest All-Ireland hurling matches and if you want to know the best GAA events for betting – see here.

Kilkenny vs Tipperary – 2014 All-Ireland Hurling Final Replay

  1. The 2014 final replay between Kilkenny and Tipperary is often regarded as one of the finest displays of hurling ever witnessed. The drawn final was a thrilling encounter, but the replay surpassed all expectations. Kilkenny’s incredible comeback, spearheaded by the legendary Henry Shefflin – one of the greatest GAA players of all time, saw them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, adding another All-Ireland title to their impressive tally.

Cork vs Waterford – 2004 All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final

  • The 2004 semi-final between Cork and Waterford is etched in the memories of hurling fans as one of history’s most exciting and high-scoring matches . With both teams showcasing incredible skill and attacking prowess, the match ended in a 3-16 to 3-16 draw, requiring a replay to separate the sides. Cork eventually triumphed in the replay, winning the All-Ireland title that year.

Clare vs Limerick – 1995 All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final

  • In a fiercely contested Munster derby, Clare and Limerick battled it in the 1995 semi-final. The match featured remarkable performances, notably from Clare’s Jamesie O’Connor and Limerick’s Ciarán Carey. The game was decided by a last-minute point from Clare’s Éamonn Taaffe, sealing their place in the final, where they went on to win their first All-Ireland title in 81 years.

Tipperary vs Kilkenny – 2010 All-Ireland Hurling Final

  • The 2010 final saw Tipperary thwart Kilkenny’s bid for an unprecedented five-in-a-row. In a pulsating encounter, the match showcased the best of hurling, with end-to-end action and incredible scores. Ultimately, Tipperary’s attacking firepower, led by Lar Corbett’s hat-trick of goals, proved too much for Kilkenny, as they clinched their 26th All-Ireland title.

Galway vs Kilkenny – 1987 All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final

  • The 1987 semi-final between Galway and Kilkenny is remembered as a high-scoring and enthralling contest. Galway’s Tony Keady and Kilkenny’s Ger Fennelly produced standout performances in a match with 35 scores. A late goal by Galway’s Noel Lane proved decisive, securing their place in the final, where they won their first All-Ireland title since 1923.

Offaly vs Limerick – 1994 All-Ireland Hurling Final

  • The 1994 final is remembered for Offaly’s remarkable comeback against Limerick. Trailing by five points with just minutes remaining, Offaly staged an incredible turnaround, scoring 2-5 in the dying moments to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Johnny Dooley’s goal and subsequent sideline cut will forever be etched in the annals of GAA history.
  • Wexford vs Limerick – 1996 All-Ireland Hurling FinalWexford vs Limerick – 1996 All-Ireland Hurling Final

The 1996 final saw Wexford end a 28-year wait for an All-Ireland title in a thrilling encounter against Limerick. A see-saw battle, the match was characterized by incredible passion, skill, and determination from both sides. Wexford’s Eamonn Scallan and Limerick’s Gary Kirby produced standout performances, but Wexford ultimately emerged victorious, sparking scenes of wild celebration among their long-suffering supporters.

Cork vs Wexford – 1992 All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final

  • This memorable semi-final showcased the best of hurling, with both sides displaying incredible skill, speed, and athleticism. In a high-scoring encounter, the match swung back and forth until a late goal by Cork’s John Fitzgibbon sealed their victory, breaking Wexford’s hearts The game is often cited as one of the most exciting and dramatic hurling matches ever.

Tipperary vs Galway – 2016 All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final

  • Tipperaryand Galway delivereda hurling classic in the 2016 semi-final in a pulsating, end-to-end encounter. With the lead changing hands multiple times, the match featured some of the finest individual displays in recent memory, including a remarkable performance from Tipperary’s Séamus Callanan, who scored 3-9. Ultimately, it was Tipperary who edged the victory, going on to win the All-Ireland title that year.

Clare vs Cork – 2013 All-Ireland Hurling Final Replay

  • The 2013 final replay between Clare and Cork was a fitting conclusion to one of the most dramatic hurling championships in recent memory. Following a thrilling draw in the first match, the replay saw both sides produce an incredible display of skill and determination. Clare’s Shane O’Donnell became an instant hero, scoring a remarkable hat-trick of goals in the opening 20 minutes, helping secure Clare’s fourth All-Ireland title.


These unforgettable Gaelic football and hurling matches have given GAA fans countless memories and highlights, showcasing the passion, skill, and drama that makes hurling such a unique and captivating sport. As we look forward to future All-Ireland Championships, we can only hope for more iconic moments and classic encounters that will continue to inspire and captivate generations of fans.


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