Chasing Glory: The Ultimate FA Cup Showdown

There are only some competitions that intrigued the interest of fans one of such tournament is FA Cup in football. FA Cup holds a superior place for fans worldwide, being the oldest football competition in the world.

This article will take you on a journey of FA Cup focusing on its rich history, the format of FA Cup, champions, leading goal scorers and provide you with information about the process of betting, betting tips for FA Cup and gives answers to some FAQs.

Chasing Glory: The Ultimate FA Cup Showdown

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What is the FA Cup?

The FA Cup, originated in 1871, is the world’s second oldest competition of football. It has celebrated 141st season in 2021-2022 year and observed the 150th of FA Cup. The competition is also called Emirates FA Cup as Emirates sponsored the FA Cup tournament.

The 2021 FA Cup final opened with Premier League club, Leicester City who defended against Chelsea and became victorious. However, Nottingham Forest knocked them out in the fourth round of the FA Cup final.

Liverpool won their 8th FA Cup title by defeating Chelsea in an exciting final match. This was the first win of Liverpool since 2006. Chelsea lost their consecutive three finals despite being the runners-up twice became the first team with consecutive finals defeats. This match was also distinct as it became the fifth FA Cup final that exceeded its regular time.

It was the fate of Liverpool to qualify for the group stage of UEFA Europa League 2022-2023 as the champions of FA Cup. But the Europa League spot was awarded to the Premier League team that finished in sixth place as Liverpool had already qualified for European competitions due to their league’s rank.

Format of the FA Cup

A total of 124 teams participates in FA Cup, 92 out of these 124 are from Football league system from which 72 teams come from English football league (EFL) and the remaining 20 belong to English Premier league (EPL) from league one and league two of EFL. Moreover, 32 National League System teams (levels 5 through 10 of the English football league system) made it through the qualifying rounds and were able to compete.

The draw for each round is conducted randomly, usually after the completion of the previous round or on the evening of the last televised game of a round, depending on television broadcasting rights. The FA, which stands for the Football Association, serves as the governing body for soccer in England. It organizes the FA Cup, with the term “Association” being the origin of the word “soccer.”

What makes the FA Cup a prominent competition is its inclusivity as it gives chances to not just the 92 highest clubs but as well as to 700 low level local teams. The FA Cup tournament gives an opportunity to unbracketed and non-seeded players from all teams participating to win the title of FA Cup champion. The competition stretches from August of one year to the May of next year and its final is given the regard same as the England’s Super Bowl Sunday.

With its inception in 1872, FA Cup has developed as a legendary tournament symbolizing the English football’s democratic nature and legacy.  With its structure of various rounds for qualifying, it has become one of the most competitive tournaments in the world. At first step, clubs are selected locally to minimize the travel cost. Replays are used to decide the draw, and it is done in the stadium of the opposing team. To help smaller levels clubs with their budgets and financing, cash prizes are offered in each round. These prizes are mostly given with the intention of improving the condition of local stadiums.

Before the primary proper round on the first weekend of November, there are initial qualifying rounds that result in selection of local clubs. The first and second levels of English football from leagues one and two join the tournament in this round which brings the excitement and the spirit of competition in the tournament.

With its unmatched experience of magic, laughs, upsets and the ability to realize dreams, the FA Cup enthralls football admirers all around the world. It embodies the spirit of sport and the sense of competition that is essence of English football.

Previous Winners:

The FA Cup, with historical moments, unforgettable matches, and the rise of football legends is one of the oldest and highly anticipated tournaments in the world. It all began in 1872 when the inaugural tournament occurred.  Following is a compilation of all the winners that FA Cup has seen from its existence till present day:

The title of first ever winner of FA Cup in 1872 goes to Wanderers, a club that remain champions of six tournaments from a total of nine contests. This prepared the ground for the competition’s distinguished history.

Since the founding of The Football League in 1888, teams from outside the top tier of English football have proven their strength in the FA Cup and won the cup ten times. The most recent occurrence was in 1980 when West Ham United won the legendary trophy.

Here is a list of the recent winners of the FA Cup:

Manchester City – Winner
Manchester United – Runner-Up
Score: 2-1

Liverpool – Winner
Chelsea – Runner-Up:
Score: 0-0 (penalties: 6-5)

Leicester City – Winner:
Chelsea – Runner-Up
Score: 1-0

Arsenal – Winner
Chelsea – Runner-Up
Score: 2-1

Manchester City – Winner
Watford – Runner-Up
Score: 6-0

Chelsea – Winner
Manchester United – Runner-Up
Score: 1-0

Arsenal – Winner
Chelsea – Runner-Up
Score: 2-1

Manchester United – Winner
Crystal Palace – Runner-Up
Score: 2-1 (after extra time)

Arsenal – Winner
Aston Villa – Runner-Up
Score: 4-0

Arsenal – Winner
Hull City – Runner-Up
Score: 3-2 (after extra time)

Other noteworthy teams that made it to the list of champions are Wigan Athletic, Chelsea, Manchester City, and more. The factor that makes FA Cup prominent among other competitions is that it put the underdogs against the highest-level teams making recollections in the hearts and minds of fans that they will cherish throughout their life.

The FA Cup continues to be recognized as a benchmark for football brilliance, filled with historical moments, unforgettable matches, and the rise of football legends. With each edition, the FA Cup continues to explore new avenues and captures the imagination of billions, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s history.

Top Goal Scorers:

There have been some of the greatest goal scorers in the history of FA Cup that have left an unmatched mark on the minds of football enthusiasts by their brilliant display of goal scoring ability.

Ian Rush, Thierry Henry, and Didier are the names of legendary players who made a show of their goal scoring prowess and impeccable skills in FA Cup tournaments. With such skills and dedication, they made their teams win the title of champions and provided fans with some unforgettable moments of brilliance.

A list of top goal scorers of FA Cup is presented in the below table:

RankName         TeamGoals
1stPaul MullinWrexham8
2ndRiyad MahrezManchester City5
3rdArmando DobraChesterfield4
4thGavan HolohanGrimsby Town3
 Bruno FernandesManchester United3
 Shaun WhalleyAccrington Stanley3
 Julián ÁlvarezManchester City3
 Phil FodenManchester City3
 Conor ChaplinIpswich Town3
 Erling HaalandManchester City3
 Will CollarStockport County3
 Evan FergusonBrighton & Hove Albion3
 Josh WindassSheffield Wednesday3
 Jamie ReidStevenage3
 Sam BellBristol City3
 Josh UmerahHartlepool United3
 Luke NorrisStevenage3
 Deji OshilajaBurton Albion3
 Colby BishopPortsmouth3

How to Bet on the FA Cup

Betting on the FA Cup is popular among the enthusiasts of football as it gives the chance to supporters to be involved with the sport distinctly and may also become a source of extra money if you are lucky with your bets. Given are steps needed to be followed to place a bet on FA Cup:

  • Select a Trustworthy Bookie: Select an online bookie of your choice that you trustworthy through the internet, compare his repute with other bookmakers by checking the reviews. To ensure safe betting see whether the bookie is governed and has a license. Compare your bookies rates with others to get the idea of odds.
  • Create an Account on the website: If you have booked the bookmaker online you need to first make an account and register yourself with the bookie who is offering bets on FA Cup. 
  • Deposit in Your Account: After the successful registration with your bookie, you then need to credit your account using the payment methods available with your bookie as all this process is done online. Credit/debit cards, e-payments, or bank transfers are some popular payment methods.
  • Understand Betting Markets: Before entering the betting business, you need to research to make yourself acquainted with the numerous EPL betting markets available. The examples of FA markets are match results (1X2), over/under goals, both teams to score (BTTS), Asian handicaps, and there are also some markets that are player specific focused on the goal scorers. Each market is built on different rules and gives different rates of betting.
  • Analyze Teams and Players: To be a successful better one needs to do proper research about the teams and players involved in the match on which you are placing the bet. Check the previous performances of the team you are thinking of betting on. Stay updated about team news to keep a check on injuries, players of the match that may affect the outcome of the match. 
  • Make Use of Betting Tips and Expert Insights: FA Cup betting tips and specialist knowledge are offered by numerous bookies and betting websites. To assist you in making wiser wagering decisions, these tools can provide relevant data and analysis. Make use of these data and tips in betting but keep in mind that this is only a proposition not a guarantee.
  • Manage Your Finances: A budget must be set for your betting and sticking to it is a must. Don’t go overboard with the budget, bet the amount that you can afford to lose in case of losing the bet. 
  • Place Your Bets: After getting familiarize with betting process and analyzing the relevant information, now place your bets as per your budget.
  • Monitor Matches and Results: Once the bet is placed now you just need to keep track of the matches and remain informed of the outcome.

Betting Tips for Football:

When betting on football one must use tips and strategies to be successful in the lucrative game of betting. Following are some strategies that should be taken into consideration before entering the betting market:

  • Get yourself familiarized with teams playing in FA Cup, analyze their previous performances, winning record, recent form in FA Cup tournament.
  • Keep an update of all the relevant information such as players’ replacements, suspensions, injuries or any such information that would affect the team’s performance.
  • While betting keep in mind the home advantage, as teams play better on their home soil and in front of their home audience.
  • Examine the strategies used and the playing style of teams participating in match as such diplomacies can impact the result of match.
  • Look for the value bets in which odds are high but the risk factor is low.
  • Research through reputable sources to get expert insights and tactics that could result in your success.
  • Set a specific budget for betting to manage your finance efficiently and avoid chasing losses.
  • Don’t focus only on match winners, try to explore different markets for betting to expand your betting profile.
  • Use your reasoning while selecting instead of making impulsive decisions that result in your loss.


What is the significance of the FA Cup in English football?

Originated in 1871 and being the oldest football competition, FA Cup is of great importance in the world of football. Having teams from different leagues on the ground brings the thrill and excitement along with tears and laughs.

How are the fixtures and matchups determined in the FA Cup?

Random draws determine the matchups and fixtures of FA Cup. The draws are typically held in the evening of the final broadcast game of a round or following the conclusion of the preceding round. Due to the random draw, there is a chance that less experienced clubs would play against more experienced ones, making the event unexpected and keeping the excitement flowing.

Can teams from lower divisions win the FA Cup?

Yes, the FA Cup gives the opportunity to the lower-level clubs and non-leagues to compete for the title of FA Cup champions. Surprisingly, the lower teams and leagues have won the title of FA Cup many times causing upsets with higher level teams.

Does winning the FA Cup guarantee qualification for European competitions?

Yes, FA Cup winners get the chance of qualifying for the European tournaments. Usually, the FA Cup champion advances to the UEFA Europa League group stage. The European spot is instead given to the next eligible team if the winning team has already qualified for Europe based on league standings.

Are FA Cup matches subject to video assistant referee (VAR) technology?

The video assistant referee (VAR) system is used in FA Cup games for examining the occurrences of mistaken identity, goals, and act helpful in making the informed decisions. This use of VAR decreases the chances of mistakes while increasing competitiveness and fairness of competition.

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The FA Cup is a symbol of rich history of English football with an unmatched experience of integrating skills, emotions, and drama in every game, the awe-inspiring goals and jaw dropping finishes keep the football fans on their toes. To be part of such experience at Wembley stadium provides with memorable moments.

Whether you’re a fan, just an observer, or an avid bettor, the league provides spectators with a show that display the true essence of football. Experience the magic of the thrilling matches on the ground of Football Association Cup.


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