What Is Bet Builder Insurance?

Have you bet about a bet builder insurance before?

If not,

You’re in for an exciting phase in Betting that has been gaining popularity among bettors over the years now.

What Is Bet Builder Insurance?

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Now, what are Bet Builders?

Bet builders are insurance to offer bettors an opportunity to have control over personalizing their betting experience.

What this means is that bettors can now customize the bets they place by going for a number of selections within the same event, where each added leg will boost the odds.

This feature is now available with different sports, including football because it’ll allow you to place complex nets on different game outcomes simultaneously.

For example, a player could bet on the winner of a game, a goal scorer, the number of goals scored, and the number of cards, shots, and corners, all within a single bet.

What bookies do is that they allow at least 10 selections per bet within any given Bet Builder.

We know that you might be thinking that a bet builder is similar to an accumulator, but what differentiates them is that a Bet Builder will allow related contingencies, but an accumulator will not.

By the way, an example of a related contingency may be placing bets on a specific team to win a game and a specific player to be carded.

One reason bet builders are becoming really common in the betting world is because they allow the bettors to have control over their game, because they’ll get to predict different outcomes to increase their earnings.

If a bettor is able to easily predict and bet on the interrelatedness of outcomes within a game, it makes it more exciting.

Insurance In Betting: A Primer

Insurance is a very important concept in life, and the same can be said about betting. Insurance in Betting exists to ensure bettors are protected from losing the funds they use to bet if one or more selection in their bet doesn’t go through.

A very good example of this is Betfair’s Acca Edge insurance promotion that refunds bettors’ money as cash if one result in their accumulator fails though this is done on the condition of getting a slight reduction in the player’s odds.

The good thing about this insurance is that the bettor will not be too open to risk when placing complex bets.

The insurance covers accumulators that have 3 or more selections in different sports and markets.

Another unique aspect of Acca Edge that makes it different from other betting insurance offers is the fact that it can be applied to different sports and markets, and there is no limit on the amount they can refund to the player and no odds requirements.

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Bet Builder Insurance: An Informed Hypothesis

Using the principles of vet builders and insurance features in sports betting, we can say they bet builder insurance tends to work just like other insurance offerings that are specifically for bet builder bets.

In fact, bet builder insurance can cover its bets and offer a refund if one or more of the selected outcomes within the Bet Builder does not occur.

Chances are it will come with certain clauses like  a minimum number of selections or a specific decrease in odds and the refund can be offered as cash or a free bet based on what the bookmaker wants.

But the actual details may be different and it is super important that bettors check the terms and conditions of the Bet Builder Insurance offered by their bookmaker.

Though this will protect the bettor from incurring a loss, the bettor should also think about the potential reduction in earnings as a trade-off for the insurance cover.

As a bettor, always weigh the risk of your decisions before making one so you can have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


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