Online Dragon Tiger: An Introduction and Guide

The game Dragon Tiger is an exciting and popular card game that originated in Asia and has gained an increased popularity across online casinos throughout the world.

At its core, the game is simple: you bet on which of the two cards dealt – Dragon or Tiger – will be higher in value or if they will tie.

Online Dragon Tiger: An Introduction and Guide

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How To Play It

The game includes only two cards: one is for the Dragon and the other one is for the Tiger. You choose whether to place your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger, or a tie. Once your bets are placed, the dealer reveals both cards and the higher card wins. If both cards are of equal value, the tie bet wins.

What Are The Rules?

  • Two cards are drawn: one is for the Dragon, and the other one is for the Tiger.
  • You bet on which card will be higher or if it is going to be a tie.
  • Ace is considered to be the lowest card, and the other cards are ranked as in poker.
  • No additional cards are drawn after the first two.


Due to its simple nature, Dragon Tiger is largely a game of luck, meanwhile, players always look for patterns, counting the number of times the Dragon or Tiger has won recently. While this can provide a sense of direction, it is important to always remember, that each round is independent, and past results don’t influence the future outcomes.

How To Know If You Are Winning

It is straightforward to determine, if you’re winning in Dragon Tiger. After the two cards are drawn, if the card you bet on (either Dragon or Tiger) is higher in value, you win.

If you have bet on a tie, and both of the cards have the same value, you also win.


Typically; a winning bet on the Dragon or Tiger pays even money, meaning a $10 bet would win $10. But, if you bet on a tie and it occurs, the payout can be much higher, often 8:1 or even more. This means a $10 bet on a tie could win $80.

Remember, though, that ties are usually less frequent, making them very risky bets.

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Online Dragon Tiger is a game of simplicity, making it very perfect for those who are starting and seasoned gamblers alike. Its direct rules and gameplay, together with the thrill of quick decisions, make it a favourite among many online casino players.

Always remember, just like all casino games, it is very important to play responsibly and understand that it is primarily a game of chance.


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