Matched Betting vs Spread Betting

Did you know that matched betting and spreading betting are two distinct forms of betting that you can apply their strategy to your bet?

They each have their unique traits, tactics and even the level of risk.

In this article, we’ll look at each of these Matched betting vs Spread betting and what makes them unique:

Matched Betting vs Spread Betting

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Matched Betting:

When you are referring to matched betting, it is a top strategy that has to do with placing bets on all the possible outcomes you expect from a sports event. It also means you must take advantage of the free bet offers by bookmakers so you can make a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

You can look at it as a risk-free form of betting because it is usually based on mathematical equations rather than the chances of winning. What you do here is to place a bet is placed on certain outcomes with a bookmaker, and place another one on the same outcome not occurring at a betting exchange.

Most bettors use this strategy to unlock or take advantage of offers by Irish bookmakers.

Spread Betting:

Unlike traditional betting where you place a bet on a particular amount by a defined outcome of the prices, in spread betting you maintain focus on betting on the movement of the market rather than a specific event.

That is, for every bet you place, you’re betting a set amount per point that the final tally of a certain outcome will be above or below a predetermined spread.

A very good example is, where you place a vet on a spread for a Premier League team’s total points, and the spread is set at 70. If you bet £10 per point that their final tally will be higher than the spread, you’ll win £10 for each of those points over. Similarly, if they get a lower point tally than 70, you’ll lose £10 for every point they miss.

That means even though you can get a lot of earnings from this strategy, it is very risky if the team is not able to meet the target.

Surprisingly, spread betting is also popular in financial markets because it allows people to make speculations on how the market will be, which can also lead to large gains or huge losses.

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In conclusion, though matched betting and spread betting have their rewards and risk, you should carefully analyze the best strategy for you, so you get to make a profit and minimize risks.


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