Asian Handicap Betting: A Guide

Asian Handicap Betting is one of the numerous sport betting options available to sports bettors. The use of this alternative option has grown tremendously in recent times. The reason for its rise is that it provides a new approach to betting that is built on an initiative of balanced odds and a wider range of betting options. There is a lot to learn from Asian Handicap Betting and in this article, we explore all you need to know about them.

Asian Handicap Betting: A Guide

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Asian Handicap Betting

In simple terms, Asian Handicap Betting is a system that eliminates the possibility of a draw by giving one team a virtual head start or deficit. It is not like the conventional win, lose, or draw options. Asian Handicap, reduces the possible outcome of a game to two alternatives, win or lose. It also offers various betting options such as level ball, half ball, and quarter ball handicap options. .

Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

  • Asian Handicap Betting lowers the risk of a draw outcome: One of the primary aims of Asian Handicap is that it eliminates any possibility of a draw or stalemate outcome. It rather rewards either win or lose outcome
  • Asian Handicap Betting provides more balanced odds: Asian Handicap Betting is known to offer evenly balanced odds. These evenly balanced odds are not affected by the disparity of team strength and ability.
  • Asian Handicap Betting widens the range of betting options: With Asian Handicap Betting, there are many varieties of options to choose from and explore. This makes it more fun for bettors. For example, bettors can wager on the “Margin of Victory” which is a common option in Asian Handicap Betting.

Successful Tips for Asian Handicap Betting

Bettors can maximise their chances of being successful in Asian Handicap Betting using the following tips:

  • Routinely carry out an in depth analysis of team form and performance: To increase your probability of success in Asian Handicap Betting, it is important to carry out research by studying the teams’ recent performances, tactical ability, and ability to score goals. While carrying out this analysis, it is important to look out for patterns and trends that may be formed, this can then be used to make predictions later on.
  • Determine team motivation and goal-scoring ability: It is also important to look into the morale of the prospective team to wager on. Team morale can affect how a team plays. Also, the goal-scoring ability of a team is very important to monitor, it gives you an expectation of the number of goals a team might score. For example, some teams score in every match no matter how defensive their opponents are. This when considered could give you a clue to what to expect in the match.
  • Home or Away advantage: In sport betting, teams perform differently depending if they are playing at home or away. Some teams are not affected in any way while some are affected by home or away advantage. It is important to put this into consideration when trying to bet
  • Review head-to-head stats and historical data: it is important to also carry out research on historical data and the team’s head-to-head records Data gathered from this research could help reveal certain trends and patterns that could help with better predictions. Usually in sports, some teams usually perform against a specific team, and a simple dig into head-to-head records could reveal this and this could make better prediction possible.
  • Discipline: Like every other form of betting, discipline is required to stay profitable. Lack of discipline can lead to irresponsible gambling and thus could affect several aspects of an individual’s life.
  • Risk Management: In the betting world, there are no certainties but only probabilities. For these reasons, good risk management is needed to stay afloat. Lack of proper risk management is a cardinal sign of irresponsible betting
  • Staying updated: The sports betting world is a rapidly evolving world with new ideas and innovations springing up constantly. This necessitates staying updated with information to prevent being outdated

Potential Challenges and Risks

Like every other form of betting, Asian Handicap Betting may have several exciting opportunities, but yet there are still some challenges and risks associated with the business. These challenges include:

  • Asian Handicap Betting is sometimes hard to comprehend: Asian Handicap Betting is not as straightforward as traditional bets. The learning curve is a bit deeper, requiring more time to learn and get used to.
  • It is not widely available: Asian Handicap Betting has a limitation of not being widely available. It is only available in some regions.
  • It experiences significant fluctuation in market odds and liquidity: The odds for Asian Handicap Betting are not fixed and thus tend to vary depending on the market. It is therefore important to compare odds.
  • Research is stressful: Asian Handicap Betting is a bit complex because it requires extensive research which can be time-consuming and stressful. Although it is a stressful process, once you know how to carry out effective research, it has the potential to bring in profits.


A classical example of how Asian Handicap Betting works is seen in the example below let’s explore two case studies:

  • Case Study 1: Assuming we have two Teams, Team A and Team B. Team A is assigned -1.5 vs. Team B is assigned +1.5. From this, it is easy to understand that Team A is the favourite and Team B the underdog. Wagering on Team A with a handicap of -1.5 would mean that a bet on Team A will be successful if team A wins by a 2 goals margin. Consequently, your bet will be refunded even if Team A wins by only one goal margin. This eliminates the risk of losing due to a narrow victory.
  • Case Study 2: (Over/Under 2.5 Goals with Asian Handicap). In this scenario, you can bet on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under 2.5. The Asian Handicap allows for a half-goal handicap, reducing the possibility of a push (refund) if the total number of goals matches the handicap exactly.

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In Summary

Asian Handicap Betting is a form of wagering offering a fresh perspective to sports betting. It ensures more balanced odds irrespective of the contrasting team strength. However, it is important to note that like every other form of betting, it requires in-depth research, analysis and good decision-making to be successful.


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