Paddy Power Beat the Drop – How it Works

The chance to win up to €5,000 in cash isn’t one that comes along quite often, which is why people in Ireland will likely want to learn more about the exciting game offered by PaddyPower known as Beat the Drop.

While other bookmakers in Ireland might have the same special features to try out, there’s hardly any doubt that PaddyPower and the Beat the Drop game it offers is remarkably different from the norm and is definitely worth trying out.

Paddy Power Beat the Drop is gaining in popularity, so let us take a deep dive.

Beat the Drop by Paddy Power: An Introduction

Irish players might already be familiar with the Beat the Drop game offered by Paddy Power, but many people are still yet to try their luck at it for the first time, so it can be a good idea to start right at the beginning.

The concept of the Beat the Drop game is similar to the Million Pound Drop show that many people will likely have watched on TV in the UK. In that game, as the name suggests, players are given £1 million to play with and get to keep it after answering questions right.

A prize pot of €5,000 in cash is offered in Paddy Power’s Beat the Drop, so how exactly does it work?

How Paddy Power Beat the Drop Works

Just as is the case with UK TV’s Million Pound Drop show that was mentioned earlier, Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is a game that not only tests general knowledge but also the player’s nerves.

Players are given €5,000 in cash at the start of Beat the Drop by Paddy Power and the aim of the game is to keep as much of it as they can by getting the answers to a variety of questions right.

Unlike the UK TV show, however, Beat the Drop isn’t solely focused on general knowledge. Rather, there’s a sports betting twist, where users being required to guess what’s going to happen in a variety of sporting events, for example in a football game, a tennis match, or a horse race.

A series of questions is then asked, and if the player manages to get every single one of them right, they get to keep the €5,000 in cash. However, Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is a game that’s rather hard to win.

An example of a question that could be asked in Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is whether or not a certain horse will place in the top 3 of a particular race. Just as is the case with the UK TV Million Pound Drop game, users can hedge their best by splitting all their funds that remain across several answers, but for them to win the €5,000 in cash, they must risk the full amount on every question.

Tips, Tricks and a Paddy Power Beat the Drop Strategy

Naturally, with such massive sums of money up for grabs on the betting site, many people have tried coming up with a variety of Beat the Drop tips, tricks, and strategies. Since there’s the chance to win €5,000 in cash, you can go about the game in several different ways.

A good place to start is thinking of a chosen strategy in advance. It is important because having a game plan will ensure that you stick to the strategy no matter what questions come up for them. For example, you can decide to go all-in on every single question. It is, however, the riskiest strategy since it’s incredibly difficult to get all of them right, but this is one possible way to win €5,000.

However, a more cautious approach might be the better strategy for Irish players to try winning Beat the Drop by Paddy Power. There’s the potential to lock in at least a guaranteed return of some form in case users play their cards right at each step of the Beat the Drop game.

Approaches to Beatthedrop

A less risky approach is to split the cash, but this will reduce the amount of money in play. Those that want to get to the end of the series of questions are likely to split sometimes if they aren’t sure which of the answers to choose for the question asked on a particular day.

One of the most popular strategies for Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is going all-in for the first few questions and trying to keep the €5,000 in play for at least a handful of questions. It is up to you to decide whether to risk the entire €5,000 on 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 questions, but the longer it’s still in play, the higher your chances of being able to win some cash.

If a player manages to get through about a third of Beat the Drop by Paddy Power with the entire €5,000 still in play, they would have the perfect opportunity to secure some relatively good returns. Keep in mind that the game is free to play, which is also something you should take into consideration when deciding how much risk you wish to take with some of the decisions that you make.

Refreshed Regularly

One of the most important things you should remember about Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is that the questions asked in the game are refreshed on a fairly regular basis. So, it can be a good strategy for the game to try to wait for a question where you are more confident of giving a current answer. This could mean taking a bit longer to get to the end of the game and win the cash prize, but it’s definitely worth being a bit more careful as opposed to risking a wrong guess.

A person that’s well aware that he or she doesn’t know a lot about tennis might be advised to steer clear of such questions on the Beat the Drop game by Paddy Power and instead wait for an alternative to come up. You also have the chance to switch between several categories within the game, so players can try to stick to their chosen specialist subject, such as football, for example.

All in, using tips, tricks, and strategy to win Beat the Drop by Paddy Power is still an inexact science and it’s hard to guarantee returns. However, since you’re playing to potentially win €5,000, you have plenty of reasons to regularly play the Beat the Drop game by Paddy Power. Players will simply have to hope that their luck is in if they will end up celebrating a win at the end of Beat the Drop by Paddy Power.

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